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Mobile Phone Painting Series
2015 - 2022
Liu Yi 刘毅



Mobile Phone Painting Series: 2015.4.14 - Present

Material: Mobile Phone, Sketchbook (App)

‍Since Apr 14, 2015, I have been doing finger drawing on the touchscreen of my cellphone and sharing such works via WeChat Moments every day. The “work” soon became my daily routine, since it brings me the happiness and excitement of art creation as well as some time to spend alone despite my daily hustle and bustle. As I do such work with my cellphone, which is essentially a part of my EDC (Every Day Carry), I can be rather adaptable to various work environments, e.g. buses, underground, taxis, cafés, restaurants, classrooms, hospitals, curbsides, my living room, and sometimes the couch in my studio. The routine has been well-maintained even when I was away from home, either for work or trip, as it has become the “visual log” of my life. The themes of those drawings vary from the sketching of common things in life, reminiscence of specific scenarios, peculiar expressions of my instant feelings, and the abstractive imagination of my life.

—— Liu Yi

持续更新中 Ongoing development ······

手机绘画系列: 2015.4.14 - 至今



—— 刘毅

持续更新中 Ongoing development ······

Liu Yi

Artist, Public art curator, Initiator of Birds Radio,the 956th speaker of Yi Xi

Liu Yi’s practice explores the relationships between body and space, spirits and materials, individual and public, presence and absence of culture. The unique style of combining classic figures with contemporary colors, presented in the daily digital drawing on his smartphone, has interpreted not only artist’s curiosity and mythological imagination of life, but also his memories and experiences. The drawings, which seemed like children’s doodling, have shared overwhelming empathy with the audiences since the works reflected vivid life experiences. Meanwhile, Liu Yi has also taken his interest in creating narratives lying between digital media, materiality, and subject. Thus, his artistic practice has taken place in both graphic and spatial ways based on daily life and social scenery. 

Liu Yi is one of the most active and influential public artists, designers, and curators in China. He has long been committed to integrating art and design practices and teaching in the fields of public art, environmental design, and digital media. He has established cooperation with many important art institutions and public art projects, including the China Art Palace, China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Fosun Art Center, A4 Art Museum, UCCA Lab, Cao Peng Public Welfare Foundation, and others. At the same time, he was invited to serve as a researcher for the (IPA) International Public Art Association, a director of the Shanghai Creative Designers Association, member of Creative Association Curation and Exhibition Design Art Committee, member of Shanghai Artists Association (Experiment and Science Art Group),China Shanghai International Arts Festival "Unlimited Brush" invited tutor and the founder of 61CREATIVE. He is also a director of Public Art and Design Laboratory of Design Innovation Institute Shanghai,a visiting professor at the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University and an external expert at the School of Product Design at Shanghai Institute of Arts and Crafts. He has served as the head of the public art major at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, a course instructor for the “Bauhaus Classroom” at the Cultural and Education Section of the German Consulate General in Shanghai, an advisor to the NOTCH Nordic Chinese Art Festival, an Advisory Board Member of Diverse As We Are (DAWA) International Festival of Inclusive Culture an executive designer in charge of sculpture at the World Expo Center during the Shanghai World Expo, and a person in charge of the “Shanghai Redesign” invitation exhibition at the Shanghai Art Design Exhibition. He was also a researcher for the “Shanghai Project”,a curator for “Lumiéres China” light art festival in Xintiandi, a workshop instructor for “Historical Heritage and Public Art” at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Germany, a workshop instructor for Future Lab Art and Design Innovation Future Education Expo. He has served as an expert judge for the 7th 'Think Youth'-Shanghai International Digital Creation,Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, New Media Art Section,the DuPont Tyvek® Design Award,the Shanghai City Image Creative Collection,the Shanghai Student Design Art Competition, and Sichuan International Communication Center (SICC for short)’s "Let's Pixelate it! Sanxingdui Player"Youth Exhibition Solicitation Activity.His work “Professional Cultivation Model Practice and Exploration of Art Implantation in Medical Space” won the second prize in the Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award. He also won the silver prize in global art design works at 2020IOAF International Ocean Art Festival and Starlight Award at the 2021 Shenzhen Light Shadow Art Season.




刘毅是国内最活跃和最具影响力的公共艺术家、设计师和策展人之一,长期致力于整合公共艺术、环境设计、数字媒体等领域的艺术设计实践与教学。曾与众多重要的艺术机构及公共艺术项目建立合作,其中包含: 中华艺术宫、中国上海国际艺术节、上海当代艺术博物馆、复星艺术中心、A4 美术馆、UCCA Lab、曹鹏公益基金会等。同时受邀担任国际公共艺术协会(IPA) 研究员,上海市创意设计工作者协会理事,创协策划与展会设计艺委会委员,上海市美术家协会会员(实验与科学艺术组),中国上海国际艺术节“慧画无限”特邀导师,61CREATIVE 创办人。上海创新创意设计研究院公共艺术与设计实验室主任、同济大学设计创意学院客座教授,上海工艺美院产品设计学院外聘专家。曾任上海视觉艺术学院公共艺术专业负责人,德国驻上海总领事馆文化教育处《包豪斯课堂》课程导师,NOTCH 北欧中国艺术节顾问,DAWA国际无障碍文化节顾问团成员,上海世博会世博中心雕塑执行设计负责人,上海艺术设计展邀请展“上海再设计”负责人,上海种子 Shanghai Project 公共艺术项目研究员。新天地“Lumiéres China 光影中国”灯光艺术节策展人,德国安哈尔特应用技术大学“历史遗产与公共艺术”工作坊导师,Future Lab艺术与设计创新未来教育博览会工作坊导师。第七届“汇创青春”上海大学生文化创意作品展示活动国际赛新媒体艺术分赛评委, Tyvek® 设计大奖杜邦评审,上海城市形象创意征集专家评委,上海市学生设计艺术大赛评委,四川国际传播中心“我的三星堆世界”青年展播征集活动评委。《艺术植入医疗空间的专业育人模式实践于探索》荣获上海市教学成果奖二等奖,2020IOAF国际海洋艺术节全球艺术设计作品银奖,2021深圳光影艺术季星光奖等。